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    In life, there are times filled with changes that make us wonder who we are and where we belong. Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry’s first collection was born out of the need to stay true to ourselves and remind ourselves of who we truly are - our core. 

    The shape of the pieces sharp on one side and smooth on the other represents the extremes of life. A golden exterior symbolizes how we as human beings protect ourselves from the outside world to keep the most precious part of ourselves safe our inner core being, represented by diamonds. This concept is portrayed in different ways, such as the half core that can also be shared to form a full core. Whether for individuals, friends or couples, it can be a symbol of mutual values, life’s big moments, or relationship milestones.

    Kellie designed The Core Collection while living in Europe. She had moved abroad, leaving everything that felt safe and familiar. The purpose of the collection is to let the wearer carry his or her core values at all times, encapsulated in a precious piece of jewelry that can be passed down to the next generation.