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    Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry is an independent, fine jewelry design and styling boutique with operations in New York and Denver, Colo. Founded in 2017 by designer Kellie Stonger, the company is emerging as an up-and-coming jewelry brand across the U.S. and Europe, recognized for its unique, yet sophisticated designs and styling.

    The company specializes in designing and producing jewelry for both KSFJ Collections and custom jewelry pieces, including engagement rings, special occasion gifts, and repurposed heirlooms. KSFJ also offers its clients jewelry concierge and styling services to cover all of your fine jewelry needs, including private buying, collection planning, wish lists and gift-giving. 

    KSFJ has the goal of helping individuals and couples commemorate and celebrate life’s sweetest and most impactful moments through the creation and collection of fine jewelry that will be cherished for years to come.

    No matter your jewelry need, KSFJ is your personal fine jewelry specialist!

    Designer Profile

    A Colorado native with a global perspective, Kellie Stonger is the founder and designer of Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry.  She has traveled the world looking for inspiration, spending the last three years living in Europe. Most recently she lived in London, where she studied jewelry design and gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). While attending GIA, she won the student design competition which helped inspire the concept for her own brand.

    Kellie has a mindful approach to jewelry and design, her creative and thoughtful spirit is echoed in each and every piece. She creates contemporary heirlooms that stand the test of time while pushing the boundaries of design. Kellie believes that every piece of jewelry has a story that begins from the time it is created, to the moment it is handed down to the next generation. She wants each piece to give the wearer the ability to express themselves in various ways, whether modest and subdued or dazzling and vivacious.