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    "Like many of us, after countless Birthdays, Valentine's Days, Anniversaries, and other special occasions, I found myself in a gift-buying rut when it came to my wife, Nicole.  Invariably I would end up picking up something last minute, and it was usually an item without a lot of meaning.  This Christmas I knew I wanted to do something special for Nicole, and I also knew I could use a little help. 

    After a few unsatisfying high-pressure trips to various local jewelry stores I decided to work with Kellie Stonger Fine Jewelry.  From the outset, I could tell that Kellie's only concern was making sure we found exactly the right piece to fit my wife's unique sense of style.  Kellie took the time to learn about Nicole and tailored her suggestions accordingly.  Once I selected a piece with Kellie's advice and input, she quickly arranged to have the item rushed to my doorstep just in time for Christmas.  Nicole opened her gift  Christmas morning.  The look on her face when she saw the Half-Core Necklace that Kellie had recommended told me everything I needed to know.  The "oohs and ahs" from surrounding family members were nice too...

    After experiencing first-hand how easy Kellie made the process, I realized that making special occasions "special" doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming.  I will be working with Kellie anytime I need a personalized touch! " 

    - Josh A., Denver, CO